Thursday, November 22, 2012

6 Good Reasons To Fire An Employee
(or 5 Reasons that will make indispensable)

"Every manager that needs to fire someone first needs to be able to give concrete examples of how the person didn’t live up to at least one of these five qualities:
1. High Performing: Yesware is not a family, it’s a high-performing team. We have to deliver results at a world-class level. People who don’t, in the words of Netflix's CEO Reed Hastings, should “Quickly get a generous severance package.”

2. Motivated: Everyone who gets through our interview process is excited for the opportunities ahead. But we all need to maintain, and even increase, our motivation in the months ahead. Bravery is required. We won’t all feel motivated and brave all the time. But we value people who are passionate about our work and motivated to lean in further.

3. Growing: Change is inevitable, especially at a fast-moving company. We need to be comfortable with change and eager to improve our abilities. We need to keep our skills growing at pace with the company. As fast as Yesware is growing these days, this is the quality that I personally have the biggest risk of getting fired for not exhibiting.

4. Honest and Clear: This quality encapsulates both the legal and ethical requirements of honesty. Clear means an absence of political agendas, duplicity, talking behind others’ back and so on. We are who we represent ourselves to be.

5. Kind: There is a lot of pressure at Yesware, and tensions can run high. We all have a lot at stake and our customers are demanding. We need to be kind to ourselves, to each other, and to our customers—even when the pressure is on. We do not tolerate racism, sexism or other types of inhumane and baseless discrimination."

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