Thursday, August 2, 2018

Open space office suck most of the times and for long periods sucks even more

(meanwhile the managers that decided sit in individual offices)

And please at least have some rules

"The open-plan office is a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad idea"

"very different needs for quiet or concentration or use of phones or open conversation"
"number one argument for the open office, increased collaboration, is bullshit."

"It was a tyranny of interruption, distraction, and stress. The quality of my work suffered immensely, and so did my mental wellbeing."

"Open office spaces don’t actually promote interaction. Instead, they cause employees to seek privacy wherever they can find it.

These open spaces might spell bad news for collective company intelligence or, in other words, an overstimulating office space creates a decrease in organizational productivity.

Not all channels of interaction will be effected equally in an open layout change. While the number of emails sent in the study did increase, the study found that the richness of this interaction was not equal to that lost in face-to-face interactions."

#OfficePolitics #WorkplaceProblems ##HumansNotRobots


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